Avraham Terife

Avraham Terifa, a student of Michael Gaisler, came to Hassadna at the age of 8 and graduated aged 18, after 10 years of violin studies. During these years, Avraham performed in dozens of concerts, competitions and celebratory events in Israel’s leading concert halls. He has played as soloist with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and has traveled to England, Belgium, Canada and Spain to perform and to play with young musicians from around the world.

We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to provide Avraham with the highest quality music education. Thanks to the talent, dedication and guidance of his teacher, Professor Michael Gaisler, Avraham was able to achieve this extraordinary level of success and accomplishment.

Avraham performed his graduation recital with great success to an emotional and enthusiastic audience of family and friends who have accompanied him with so much love throughout his years of study. Avraham’s friends from his string quartet, who have played together for six years, surprised him by walking on stage wearing shirts of his favorite soccer player – Lionel Messi. The recital was a powerful and moving celebration.

Avraham’s graduation symbolized the growth of Hassadna’s program for Children of Ethiopian Descent. It also demonstrated the great success and accomplishment that can be achieved through hard work, high quality education, determination and self-belief.

Avraham was accepted to the IDF’s Distinguished Musicians Unit, known as one of the most rigorous auditions in Israel. This will enable Avraham, the first young person of Ethiopian descent to be accepted to this prestigious program, to continue his musical and artistic development throughout his army service.

Avraham will be always part of our family. We are so proud of all that he has accomplished and we will continue to help and nurture his talent in every way we can. Hassadna will always be Avraham’s home.

For the students in our program for Children of Ethiopian Descent, the Conservatory is truly a second home. Many of them spend most afternoons and evenings at Hassadna in individual lessons, orchestra and ensemble practices, and rehearsals.