Step 1 — Application Procedure

Personal Meeting

Students, accompanied by their parents, are invited to a personal meeting of about 30 minutes with one of Hassadna’s directors. This meeting enables us to explain our program of studies and the registration process. More importantly, it is our chance to get to know each child and to assess their musical potential based on concentration, hearing, rhythmic abilities and other relevant personal qualities. At the end of the meeting, we will help students to choose an appropriate instrument, and will recommend a suitable instructor and a comprehensive program of study.

Children with a prior background in music should bring their instruments to the meeting so that we can assess their level of achievement.

Step 2 — Registration & Fees

Once we have recommended appropriate instruments and instructors, you can begin the formal registration process by completing these forms.

Registrations are accepted at any stage in the academic year, but we recommend that students begin their studies at the start of the academic year in order to facilitate participation in ensembles and enrichment activities.

*Registration fee for new students is 90NIS.

Monthly fees

Length of weekly lesson
Cost per month
30 minutes 540 NIS
45 minutes 750 NIS
60 minutes 900 NIS
90 minutes 1280 NIS

*The fees may be higher for certain senior instructors

Fees are calculated according to the duration of private weekly lessons. Fees cover the cost of private lessons and all other appropriate enrichment activities, including theory lessons, jazz ensembles, chamber music groups, choirs, orchestras, piano accompaniment, examinations and concerts. Fees are charged for ten months of the year, according to the school year schedule (September – June).

Discounts (only one discount per family)

5%– Families with 2 or more children studying at Hassadna
– Families with 4 or more children (irrespective of how many study at Hassadna)
– Single parent families
– Students at the Adam School
10%Incentive Scholarships for oboe and double bass studies (3 available per year)
15%Students in our pre-music program who contine to instrumental lessons receive a 15% discount for the first year of their studies
20%Students who study 2 instruments are entitled to a 20% discount on the fees of the second instrument
35%– Additional jazz studies for classical students
– Secondary piano studies
– Additional viola studies for violin students

*Students studying with Hassadna’s most senior instructors are not eligible for regular discounts. For questions about additional scholarship opportunities, please contact our office: 02-5630017

Scholarship Fund for Financial Aid

Hassadna has a scholarship fund to support students in need of financial aid. Forms for financial aid requests can be found here.

  • Applications for aid for returning students must be submitted before the end of the previous school year (1 July)
  • New families must submit their applications before the beginning of the upcoming school year (31 August).