Executive Director

Lena Nemirovsky-Wiskind

Lena Nemirovsky-Wiskind, an accomplished pianist, serves as Hassadna’s Executive Director. Lena is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Musicology Department and has performed as a soloist and chamber music player in Israel and abroad. She joined the Conservatory in 1994 as a piano teacher, became an Associate Director in 2001, and was appointed Executive Director in 2002.

Artistic Director

Ronit Berman

Ronit Berman, an accomplished flutist, serves as the Conservatory’s Artistic Director. She joined the Conservatory in 2000 as a flute teacher and from 2003 to 2017 she served as Coordinator for Hassadna’s program for children of Ethiopian descent. At only 14 years old, Ronit was accepted to study at the distinguished Conservatoire National Superieur in Paris. After graduating, she completed a second MA and an Artistic Diploma (with distinction) in Music from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2000, she was appointed principle flutist with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. Ronit has performed as a soloist with leading orchestras in Israel and in hundreds of concerts, recitals and festivals in Israel, Europe and the United States. She won prizes at international flute competitions in Israel, Poland and France.

Associate Director

Dr. Oleg Bogod

Oleg Bogod, an accomplished pianist, serves as Hassadna’s Associate Director. Oleg joined the Conservatory in 2006 as Director of the Jazz Department and Pedagogical Coordinator, and was appointed Associate Director in 2010. Oleg holds a PhD in Composition from Bar Ilan University and a BA and MA in Performance and Composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. A talented composer, he specializes in jazz, ethnic and modern classical compositions and has performed with a number of jazz ensembles in Israel and abroad.
On October 6, 2019, Oleg received the Prime Minister Award for composers, the highest honor for composers in Israel.

Head Of Wind Department

Sagit Mazuz

Sagit Mazuz graduated with a BA from the clarinet department of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and in 2013 received her MA in Musicology and Music Therapy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Sagit studied conducting with world renowned conductors including Dale Lonis (USA), Darrin Thornton (USA) and Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland).  Sagit joined Hassadna in 2009 as a clarinet teacher and as director of the Wind Department which she founded. Sagit led Hassadna’s wind orchestra to several first prizes in international competitions including the SCL International Competition in the Musikverein Hall in Vienna and the WP International Competition at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Special Projects Coordinator

Chava Fraenkel

A graduate of Hassadna in violin studies, Chava completed a BA in violin performance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. In 2017, she joined the conservatory staff as the coordinator of Hassadna’s special programs for children of Ethiopian descent and children with special needs. Since 2020 Chava serves as the coordinator of Hassadna’s Megama for high-school students.