Help us fulfill the dream of 48 talented young musicians and represent Israel in the prestigious music competition at the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York!

48 young musicians from the Hassadna Wind Orchestra
dream of winning a once-in-a-lifetime musical and human experience:
The pride of representing Israel in a prestigious international competition,
the honor of performing at the most famous Carnegie Hall concert hall,
the opportunity for an international musical human encounter
and winning an inspiring experience.
Help us fulfill the dream!

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About the orchestra

Hassadna’s Wind Orchestra is one of Israel’s leading youth orchestras. The orchestra, which consists of 48 high-school students aged 15-19, represents Israel’s rare mosaic. Secular and religious children, children from the Ethiopian community, children from different countries, and children from all social-economic levels play side by side. It is moving to see how the love for music blurs every possible gap, and they all play together in partnership, professionalism and love.

The orchestra is led by two endlessly talented and dedicated wonderful musicians: the conductor and director of the orchestra Sagit Mazuz and the artistic director of Hassadna Ronit Berman. Sagit, who founded the orchestra, has over the years created a rare and cohesive unit pride. The orchestra reaches great achievements and brings with it great magic everywhere!

About the competition

The orchestra was honored to become one of six orchestras from around the world who were accepted to attend an international festival at the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York. At the festival, our orchestra will compete with orchestras from the Czech Republic, Poland and the US.

Practice, Practice… and then practice!

You know the joke – a person arrives to New York and asks people on the street how to get to Carnegie Hall. So they tell him – practice, practice… and then practice!

But practicing is not really enough…
Help us to actually reach Carnegie Hall!

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