Established in 1973 by musician and pianist Amalia Reuel, Hassadna Jerusalem Music Conservatory is one of Israel’s leading institutes of music education.


Hassadna is guided by the belief that every student, regardless of physical or mental ability, gender, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity or religion should be able to experience the highest quality music education that Israel has to offer.

Equality and integration are fundamental values at the Conservatory: motivated and dedicated children are provided with equally high standards of individualized arts education, irrespective of background. Significantly, they study and perform with peers who reflect the full human mosaic of Jerusalem.


Lena Nemirovsky-Wiskind

Director, accomplished pianist, graduate of Tel Aviv University Musicology Department.

Ronit Berman

Artistic Director, accomplished flutist, graduate of the Conservatoire National Superieur, Paris and Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Dr. Oleg Bogod

Associate Director, accomplished pianist, Ph.D in Performance and Composition, Bar-Ilan University.

Sagit Mazuz

Director of Hassadna Wind Department and conductor of Hassadna wind orchestras. Graduate of Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and The Hebrew University in Jerusalem


Hassadna’s faculty comprises 100 plus of Israel’s finest musicians, solo performers and orchestral players. Under their guidance, our gifted students acquire the tools to excel, and even to win international acclaim.

Student body

Hassadna’s student body comprises 600 plus children aged 3 to 18 from all sectors of Israeli society. Religious and secular students, new immigrants from around the world, youth-at-risk children, special needs children, and families of all socio-economic levels find their home at Hassadna.


Hassadna’s comprehensive music education includes individual instruction, music theory, chamber music, and opportunities to play in ensembles and orchestras. Hassadna provides Master-classes with international musicians, and encourages students to play in concerts and festivals and compete in competitions in Israel and abroad.

Special Programs

  • Children of Ethiopian descent
  • Special Needs
  • Music excellence for outstanding musicians
  • School partnerships

Awards and Achievements

Hassadna’s orchestras won first prize at the Carnegie Hall New York Wind Orchestra Festival (2015) and the Summa Cum Laude Music Festival in Vienna, Austria (2016, 2018).

Hassadna students are regularly accepted to the IDF’s Distinguished Musicians unit, which allows them to continue their music education during their army service.

Hassadna graduates are regularly admitted to prestigious music programs at conservatories and universities in Israel and abroad, including New York’s Juilliard School; Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute of Music, Boston’s Berklee College of Music; and the Barenboim-Said Academie in Berlin.

Hassadna students regularly participate in prestigious programs including the Perlman Music Program; the Heifetz Music Camp; the Aspen Music Festival; the Apple Hill Chamber Music program; and the Salzburg Opera Camp.

Carnegie Hall (photo courtesy of the 2014 New York Wind Band Festival)

New Building

After years of precarious rented accommodation, Hassadna — with the invaluable support of the Jerusalem Foundation — has embarked on an exciting journey towards a building of its own.

The new building will offer state-of-the-art training and practice studios: individual instruction rooms, pre-music studios, chamber music and theory classrooms, and halls for orchestral practice, masterclasses and concerts.

The Jerusalem Municipality has allocated Hassadna a highly desirable site next to the old Nature Museum in the city’s central and beautiful German Colony neighborhood.


Hassadna is seeking donations for its new building; an endowment fund; scholarships; musical instruments; and support for orchestras and ensembles. For more details click here.

More information

Academics and registration:
Tel: +972-2-5630017; 13 Kaf-Tet be-November St., Jerusalem, Israel 9108002