Our Online Musical Routine

It is an honor and a privilege for us to continue to provide our students with a musical education during this difficult and challenging time.

Upon the closure of our conservatory building, our teachers immediately began to teach our children via distance learning. Almost 100% of our students are now continuing with their musical routine from home and benefit from regular music lessons. Parents have been telling us how much their children look forward to the lessons and enjoy practicing in preparation for them. They also tell us how excited they are about “meeting” their teachers, even though the meetings are online.

Online Zoom Concerts

Every few days, Hassadna students meet via Zoom to a unique online musical experience. The students play their instruments from home while their teachers, family and conservatory management join online. Even family members and friends from abroad joined us for several concerts, and they were very moved to be able to connect with their loved ones through online music concerts in these difficult times.

Each concert is a truly unforgettable experience!

Online lessons – Continuing Music Education with a Smile

Our teachers have been telling us about the many difficulties of teaching via distance learning; quality of sound, technical internet issues and poor synchronization of image and sound. However, all of our teachers, without exception, are excited by the possibility of continuing to teach their students through distance learning, continuing their musical routine and providing them with the support and feeling of belonging to our musical community.

Orchestra Projects – Playing Together

Being at home does not prevent our students from making music together. Our two senior wind and string orchestras decided to create two very special videos in these complicated times. Our Wind Orchestra took on the challenge of spreading some light, with Naomi Shemer’s beautiful song “Light”. Our String Orchestra took on one of its most prominent challenges ever – Mozart v.s the Coronavirus. Each of our musicians filmed him/herself playing their instrumnets at home, and we produced these two beautiful short films by combining their clips together.

We hope you enjoy them!

Hassadna Wind Orchestra – Light in Corona Times
Hassadna String Orchestra – Mozart VS Coronavirus