We need your help!

Here’s a full menu of ways that you can support Hassadna.


The Hassadna Scholarship Fund is a key component of the Conservatory; through it, high quality music education is available to every child with the desire to learn music.

We believe that education through arts makes a significant impact on the lives of all children and is particularly meaningful for the underprivileged. Through music, they express their feelings and identities, harness their inner creativity and bring beauty and happiness into their worlds. We are grateful to those who have made this dream a reality for so many of Jerusalem’s most special young people and invite you to participate in realizing this vision.

Music education is a long-term process that requires continuous financing to secure its viability and stability. Our comprehensive program, and the individualized approach we offer, is costly. While demand for participation continues to grow, our ability to provide scholarships to all students eager for this opportunity is limited by the amount of outside funding support we receive.

Since music education is a long term educational endeavor, we would be grateful if you would consider scholarship support for at least three years to help us fulfill our commitment to provide our students with high quality music education for the duration of their studies.

Scholarships include individual instruction, theory lessons, orchestra and chamber music, workshops and master classes. Transportation fees, home tutoring, provision of instruments and music equipment are provided as needed. Students receive personal and professional support in order to maximize their potential and ensure their musical development and success.

• $5,000 will support one student for one year in Hassadna’s program for Children of Ethiopian Descent.

• $ 5,000 will support one student for for one year in Hassadna’s program for children with special needs.

• $ 5,000 will support one student for one year in Hassadna’s Music Excellence program

• $3,900 will support one student for one year in Hassadna’s regular music program

• We are grateful for contributions of any amount towards Hassadna’s scholarship fund

Musical instruments

Following several requests from our dear friends and supporters, we have established the Hassadna Musical Instrument Fund which is dedicated to supporting the current and continuing need of musical instruments at the Conservatory.

Press here to view the list and description of instruments we need, their cost, and what has already been donated for which instruments. Each and every instrument on this list will make an invaluable impact on the ability of our students to grow and develop musically at Hassadna.

For donations dedicated to the Musical Instrument Fund, please indicate as such on your donation.

For additional clarification regarding ways to donate or earmarking your donation, please contact Becky Taylor: becky@hassadna.com.


We urgently need support for String and Wind orchestras.

• $27,750 will support Hassadna’s string orchestras for one year

• $27,750 will support Hassadna’s wind orchestras for one year

• Support includes salaries for orchestra directors, conductors, teachers, coordinators, and transportation.

A new building for Hassadna

With the invaluable support of the Jerusalem Foundation, Hassadna is seeking support for a new building. The Jerusalem municipality has allocated, for this project, a highly desirable site in Jerusalem beautiful and central German Colony neighborhood. The new building will offer ample state-of-the-art training and practice studios: individual instruction rooms, pre-music studios, chamber music and theory classrooms, and halls for orchestral practice, Masterclasses and concerts.

For more information

Please contact Becky Taylor, Tel: +972-2-5630017;
Email: becky@hassadna.com; 13 Kaf-Tet BeNovember, Jerusalem, Israel