String Education program in partnership with the Adam School

The Adam School project was founded in 2009 as a wonderful cooperation between the two educational institutions sharing the same beautiful building in the German Colony – the Adam School and the Hassadna Conservatory. The project was founded in order to bring the benefits of string playing to a wide range of children and to make it integral to their general education. Exposure to the arts, and music education in particular, has enormous benefits. Playing instruments improves concentration, emotional expression, cognition, self-discipline, coordination, attentiveness and patience. 

How does the program work?

First year: Every second grade student is exposed to string playing and the acquisition of basic musical tools. All participants learn either violin or cello in individual and weekly group lessons.  This enables us to identify students with the necessary interest and aptitude skill level for continuing instruction.  Students who want to continue their studies and demonstrate the necessary skills receive additional individual instruction at the Conservatory. 

Second year and onwards: second year students are enrolled directly at the Conservatory. They benefit from our rich educational program: weekly individual lessons with an instructor; mentorship; weekly theory and ear training lessons; a monthly master class; participation in chamber music ensembles, school-based and conservatory orchestras and concerts; and exams. 

Every year, our program reaches 120 children from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds. We try especially hard to reach under-privileged children, including youth at risk and children of Ethiopian descent.